Our House Washing Process

People often ask how our House Washing Process is different from other companies.  By using low pressure and a special blend of safe, environmentally friendly detergents we remove all mold, mildew, and algae that may be growing on the exterior of your home. Listed below are four steps detailing our House Wash Process, if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call-we’re always glad to talk about how clean we can get your home without the use of high pressure!

Step 1: Preparation

Each technician walks around your property and surveys your home, looking for any issue that could be an area of concern. We then refer to our Pre-Wash Checklist and note any findings before beginning Step Two. (If there are any porch or deck decorations that have not been removed before our arrival, we will move them during this phase.)

Step 2: Washing your home with LOW Pressure

We then begin a Soft pre-soak by wetting all of the vegetation surrounding your home. After completing the pre-soak, we begin the application of our house wash detergents to your home utilizing our Soft Wash methods. We only clean one side of your home at a time to ensure each side receives special attention and is properly treated.

Step 3: Low Pressure Rinse

After applying our house wash detergents, we rinse with the same low pressure used to apply our cleaning agents. We may repeat this process several times to ensure all detergents are properly rinsed and removed before proceeding. Once that side of your home is cleaned and rinsed, we move on to the next section.

Step 4: Final Review

Once completing the house wash and final rinse, we conduct a final walk around of your home to review our work and ensure your home has been Professionally Cleaned. We note our findings on our Post-Wash Checklist and, if needed, replace all porch and deck decorations.

We only utilize Soft Wash Methods when washing your home. In some cases, the above steps may be repeated multiple times depending on the type of exterior your home has (brick, stucco, etc…). When using our Soft Wash Methods, we never use high pressure to clean your home. Plus, all of our house washing detergents are People, Pet, and Plant Friendly!

Customer Satisfaction is our NUMBER 1 GOAL! We are so confident that you will be EXCITED about the work we’ve done that if there is any issue, we will come back and wash your home again. So CALL TODAY to begin your own BLUELINE CLEAN Experience! You won’t be disappointed.